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The Homeland campaign takes place in a rustic setting known as the Valley of Baryn. The valley is home to humans, elves, and dwarves as well as the occasional halfling. The valley is roughly the size of the state of Oregon and is essentially a great tipped bowl sloping gradually down from the north to the south where it meets the sea.

Surrounding the valley are the rough peaks of the Dragons Claw Mountains which are divided into the eastern and estern ranges refered to as “talons”. The Western Talons are inhabited by dwarves and tribes human barbarians known as Thanes. In the northern reaches of the Western Talon are the trolls and their kingdom of Trulsk. The Eastern Talons are still mostly wild, though they do hold the occasional mining town or trading post.

North of the Valley of Baryn is a desperate steppe land known as Gallow ruled by cruel seeresses from its capitol city of Gamin Duir. The people of Gallow are covetous of other lands richer in resources than their harsh kingdom.

To the west of the valley is a vast expanse of wilderness known simply as the Western Wilderness. Though it is thought of as just a wild, unsettled land, this is not true for it is home to gnolls, orcs, bugbears and the noble wolfen. The northern edges of the Western Wilderness is home to some human kingdoms, carving out lands along the fertile River Delb that runs westward from the Dragons Claw Mountains to the coast.

The lands to the east of the valley are home to to elfin kingdom of Ilithenor and the coastal settlements of the halflings of Bart. The elves hold a strong kinship with the humans of the valley and engage in trade and social interaction on quite a regular basis. The halflings are known only as individuals, often traders, wanderers or agents of other powers. The occasional halfling corsair fleets has been known to harrass the southern coast of the Valley of Baryn and the port communities found there.


* Dwarves
* Elves
* Halflings
* Humans

* Bugbears
* Boars
* Durians
* Giants
* Gnolls
* Goblins
* Hawrooks
* Ogres
* Orcs
* Trolls
* Ursoi
* Wolfen
* Wyverns

Bethal Bay
Dragons Claw Mountains
Gaman Duir
Shire of Vale
Shrine of Imin Thiel
Valley of Baryn
Western Wilderness

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