Most of the humans found in the western regions are descended from the Haelic people who migrated south in ages past. The Haelic folk had settled at various places along their way and these places grew into kingdoms in their own right over the centuries. But the Haelic people were not the only humans in the region and often these imigrants came into conflict with these other races of men.

In the present day, the Haelic colonies have become the western island kingdom of Aesland, the central inland kingdom of Aethelmar, and the Shire of Vale found in the Valley of Baryn. All three Haelic realms engage at least in some form of trade, being on friendly terms as neither is really any threat to one another. Aesland trades goods with Vale by sea and over land routes with Aethelmar. Aethelmar keeps trade with the valley open via trade routes across the Dragons Claw Mountains and with the dwarves of Har Hundir.

On the western coast there is also a kingdom, established over a century ago by colonists from across the sea. This thriving merchant port is known as Ralencia and is renowned for its heavy merchant vessels and sailing traditions. Ralencian traders operate their trade mostly with lands to the west, sending most of their exports across the sea toward their home and the lands nearer there. Some trade with Aesland and Aethelmar does go on, but this is only to secure goods from farther inland or from points east.

Other non-Haelic human populations in the region include the Roth Thane and the kingdom of Gallow. The Roth Thane are a race of horse warriors that ride the plains and steppe lands to the north of the Valley of Baryn who have, over the ages, savaged both the kingdoms of Aethelmar and Gallow. It is the Roth Thane who forced the construction of the Thane Wall that stands as a barrier and highway connecting four townships along the eastern border of Aethelmar.

The kingdom of Gallow is a land to the north of the Valley of Baryn in the Harian Steppes. It is a kingdom of people bound by the will and whim of wicked seeresses who hold the fortunes and futures of their kingdom in their hands. They are known as skilled warriors who’s nobles fight from the back of wicked barbed and bladed chariots.


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