Gallow is a large kingdom found north of the Valley of Baryn on the Harian Plains. It is a land ruled by savage warriors famed for their superstitiouns and their skilled chariot warriors. It is ruled by a queen known as the Haria who is counciled by powerful seeresses known as Gulders.

Gallow is a land of warrior clans, each ruled by a Hern who claims a geographic are that he can maintain only through force and the confidence of those who inhabit that region. Several of these Herns have held onto their lands for generations though and in these areas cities and towns have developed. Such townships have often changed hands from one clan dynasty to another.

The warriors of Gallow fight astride heavy war chariots where they wield an arsenal of weapons. A typical Gallow war chariot is crewed by 3-4 warriors – a driver, two shyield bearers and and the chariot warrior himself. The driver is often lightly equipped to allow him better handling and control of the chariot and the four horse that draw it.

The shield bearers are equipped with a combination of javelins and a savage curved sword known as a galoglax which is characterized by it’s inward-turning blade perfect for cleaving limbs and necks. They are usually armored in the traditional banded body armor and arm and leg guards of Gallow and a shield that is more like a large buckler used for turning blows from other blades and protecting the upepr body, that is not covered by the chariots, from missile attacks.

The chariot warrior himself, known in Gallow as a skathyar is equipped similarly to the shield bearers but more heavily armoed as he is often found fighting outside the protection of his chariot. In addition to the banded armor, the skathyar wear a high armored collar that covers him just up to under his nose and a long body shield. He is usually armed with a heavy thrusting spear and galoglax sword. It is also common for the chariot warriors to carry javelins and/or war darts on his person when fighting on foot or from his chariot.

Typically, Gallow chariots fight in massed formations where their heavy shock value and scythed wheels allow them to cut wicked swaths through massed enemy infantry. Chariot to chariot combat often takes the form of hit and run attacks and paied off duels between individual chariot rigs. Cast javelins, darts, and often other improvided weapons are exchanged until finally the chariots clash in an attempt to cripple the opposing rig and render it vulnerable to swarm by the accompanying infantry.

Skathyar are known for their bravado and often chariot duels come down to two such warriors dismounting while their associated rigs circle them and keep interloping infantry at bay. Such duels are often to the death, though a warrior who loses his nerve can always call on his chariot to move in to affect his escape, assuming it is allowed to by the other chariots involved. Skathyar who flee in this fashion almost always claim some other reason than cowardess as the reason for their retreat.


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