The Valley of Baryn is blessed with an abundance of native species of animal, but none as varied in variety as its boars. The boar seems to have filled every niche that can be conceived of in the valley from predator, to scavenger to prey. Large, small and truely enormous boars haunt the hills, glens, forests and cliffs of Vale and its surrounding peaks.

Premier among them must be the Irontusk, with its enormity, feriocity and near invulnerability matched by no other boar. Full the size of a large house and gived with sharp goring tusks which grow not just two, or even four, but size to the jaw, these creatures have been known to rampage across the rolling hills and dells of the valley, laying waste to all that cross them. Killing an Irontusk is a true feat as they have been gifted with hides as tough as the best made chainmail and a will to live and kill matched only by the truest of lunatics.

Nearly as savage but nowhere near as monstrous as the Irontusk is the Droth. Droth Boars are common in the craggy mountains of the West and domesticated by the Trolls who call those peaks home. Droth Boars seem to possess a wicked cunning which, while not true intelligence, does give them a very keen and decissive manner about them. Droth Boars have been known to probe defenses for weakness before rooting out the inhabitants or to track or even lay in wait for unsuspecting travellers. This they do without the command of the crafty trolls and are tuely horrid when at the rein of those fetid creatures.

Another porcine denizen of the valey is the almost comical Cliff Pig. If not for the amazing level of feriocity and calousness these creatures manifest, they might actually succede in being humorous, but alas it is not so, Cliff Pigs are noted for being willing and able to consume nearly anything save pure mineral. This is due in part to the potency of their mighty stomachs and an insatiable hunger. It is this constant consumption that seems to keep them warmed against the elements as they have no thick wirey coats like their brethren. Instead Cliff Pigs have an extra heavy layer of heavy fat, similar to a seal’s blubber. Cliff Pigs are the favored mounts of many tribes of goblins, who starve their mounts to new heights of ferocity, bedecking them in layers of skins and hides to shield them against the cool mountain air.


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