In the wet bayous of the region south of Ilithenor, is the halfling town of Bart. Bart is a haven for thieves and pirates. Bit on a backwater, away from the coast proper, the town is protected from direct naval attack and provided with a natural barrier of dangerous swamp between it and any invaders.

The halflings that rule over Bart are a strange lot. Good natured and free-spirited, they tend to look down their noses at absolute laws but live instead by a code of conduct known as the “Code of the Four Toes”. This cde is a loose set of guidelines that govern the interaction between haflings and is not intended to extend to other races. Bart is governed by an elected leader named as a Proctor, who is at once governor, judge and general accountant for Bart.

The Proctor’s primary duty is to collect fees from the various halfings that populate the city. Whether they be craftsmen, business men, traders, or pirates, all must pay to remain in Bart. Payment is accepted in currency of any realm (reasonable rates of exchange do apply) as well as goods, services, and a most useful commedity – favors. Failure to pay ones fees is punishable by expulsion into the swamps.

The fees collected are used to maintain the docks and warehouses of Bart, to keep the swampways clear of dangers that might impair travel and trade, and to keep a ready militia for the defense of the township. The militia is used as a police force mostly but has been called out to protect against monstrous incursion as well as to defend the town from attack by enemies who have found their way through the bayous.


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